Enabling Loyalty and Building Relationships

Paprika helps you run your own loyalty program, affordable and effortlessly.

Increasing your revenue is our #1 priority.

Giving Rewards

According to research, 60-80% of business revenue is made from loyal customers. And giving rewards is proven to increase loyal customers by 3x.

Building Relationships

Relationships with customers is one of the key of success. Our system provide a way for you to communicate and collect feedback from your customers.

Marketing Automation

We know that marketing is time consuming and hard. So, we automate your marketing needs efficiently so you can just focus on running your business.

Here's how it works.

Hear what our happy clients say about us.

Downtown Coffee


Owner Downtown Coffee

Paprika menyediakan fitur list Menu dan offer sangat membantu Downtown untuk branding dan menarik customer.

Brothers Cafe


Owner Brothers Cafe

Paprika adalah aplikasi yg sangat "WIN WIN SOLUTION". Merchant bisa meningkatkan volume sales dan user bisa dapat reward.

Goedang Koffie


Goedang Koffie

Paprika sangat membantu Relationship antara Customer dan Goedang Koffie dengan reward dan fitur-fiturnya.

Downtown Coffee


Brooklyn Barbershop

Dengan Paprika saya dapat memonitor kondisi bisnis saya secara Live / Realtime darimana saja, Terima kasih Paprika